The Coatint coloration system, introduced by Erco, is designed to provide high-quality gelcoats with a wide range of color options to both professionals and end-users. By enabling the coloring of different types of resins and gelcoats, Coatint ensures the highest quality standards with its accurate, fast, and easy-to-use system, minimizing manual intervention.


Pigment Pastes

The pigment pastes used in the Coatint system are carefully designed and formulated according to specific principles:

• Careful selection of pigments
• Coverage of entire color ranges such as RAL, PANTONE, etc.
• High heat resistance
• Full compatibility with bases (even in multi-paste formulations, achieving perfect mixing and excellent results in rub-out tests)
• Smooth usage without affecting the final product outcome
• Suitable for low-density usage with an automatic dosing system

The pigment pastes are free from lead and heavy metals. Concentrated pastes are used, allowing for the preparation of high-quality products in a short time. The system ensures continuous production of gelcoats with consistent physical and chemical properties, as well as color deviations (DeltaE), are carefully examined.Bases are specially formulated to be mixed with pigment pastes. Coatint Bases:

• Can be perfectly mixed with pastes, ensuring complete compatibility
• Cover various types of gelcoat products and applications
• By mixing at service points, gelcoats of the same quality as those produced in Erco factories can be obtained

Base selection is made according to the intended use:

1) ISO/NPG gelcoats for areas requiring high-performance chemical resistance,
2) ISO gelcoats for areas requiring chemical resistance,
3) Ortho gelcoats for general-purpose use.

The goal of the Coatint system is to achieve the highest color efficiency possible, reflecting the technical characteristics of the product during application. It is designed to meet the needs of customers and the demands of end-users.

Erco Boya | Coatint
Erco Boya | Coatint
Erco Boya | Coatint
Erco Boya | Coatint