Erco Boya | R&D Center
Erco Boya | R&D Center

Ece Boya Kimya believes in the importance of scientific studies with its experienced and dynamic expert staff, modern production facility and reliable technology. It offers reliable, high-quality and environmentally friendly products to its customers with its work carried out since June 20, 2017, with its R&D Center where advanced technologies are used.

In February 2020, our R&D Center moved from a 145m² laboratory to our new 1,200 m² factory in GEBKİM.

The number of R&D Center employees constitutes 30% of the total number of employees. By expanding its equipment infrastructure and staff, the company continues its R&D activities without slowing down.

Primary goals with our new factory and R&D center in GEBKİM are ;

  • To be a global company with high-level technological capabilities,
  • To deliver superior products by anticipating and meeting the demands of customers in both domestic and international markets, leveraging our efficient and rapid production capabilities.
  • To develop sustainable products that are suitable for automation, sensitive to the environment and human health, with a long shelf life, and utilize recyclable materials,
  • To develop value-added product groups that are not produced in Turkey by establishing collaborations with universities, international companies and other R&D centers,
  • To develop innovative products and increase the prestige of the R&D Center through R&D projects at a level that can be subject to patents,
  • Supporting the brand’s innovation power,
  • To ensure R&D-production and sales-marketing integration.

Directing the Industry

We Raise the Standards with Our R&D Studies.